Tweet goes viral after Mexican mistakes Spain for Shanghai

OOPS: Mexican twitter user posting about an upcoming visit to Spain

A POST from a Mexican Twitter user about his upcoming trip to Murcia has gone viral after it was mistakenly accompanied by a picture of a skyline in Shanghai, China.

“Next destination…Murcia, Spain,” the Tweet reads beneath the picture of the Asian city.

But anyone who is familiar with Murcia, China or even Europe more broadly will immediately spot the hash.

The post sparked a swathe of sarcastic responses mocking the post by featuring shots from world-famous sights, with claims they belong to the Spanish province.

One post said showed pictures of Disney Land Paris and the Egyptian pyramids and read: “Remember to visit Murcia’s famous pyramids an if you are with children you can go to the famous children’s theme park.

It appears Mexican Jean La Torre may have taken the mocking to heart based on his latest tweet.

“I wish my poems also had the same impact as this minor error I made.”

The message was accompanied by sad face emoticons. And La Torre received some caring responses which aimed to lift his spirits.


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