Spain to allow ship with more than 600 migrants to dock after Italy and Malta refuse entry

LIMBO: The vessel was stranded in international waters

THE Spanish government is to allow the migrant ship Aquarius to dock in Valencia after both Italy and Malta refused its entry.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez “has given instructions for Spain to comply with its international commitments in matters of humanitarian crises” according to a Moncloa statement.

Italy’s new Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said “saving lives is a duty, turning Italy into a huge refugee camp is not.

“Italy is done bending over backwards and obeying – this time THERE IS SOMEONE WHO SAYS NO,” he wrote on Twitter.

He suggested that Malta should accept the Aquarius, but it refused arguing that it fell under Italy’s jurisdiction.

Mr Salvini, leader of the right-wing League party, promised to take a tough stance against migration and has also said he was considering taking action against organisations that rescue migrants at sea. He has accused them of working with people-smugglers.

“Malta takes in nobody,” he added.

“France pushes people back at the border, Spain defends its frontier with weapons.”

Mr Malvini said it was time for Italy to “say no to human trafficking.”

The ship, which was located in international waters between Malta and Italy, is carrying 629 people on board, with reports of the vessel only having enough food to last one day. Some of those on board are reportedly pregnant women, and 15 others have serious chemical burns.

Both the Mayor of Barcelona and the Mayor of Valencia offered their cities to take in the ship, with the latter being the end destination for the Aquarius’ 1,300 km route.


  1. How odd. In the south, Spain is continually fighting a battle to keep illegals out yet it now offers safe passage for this ship – just what is the Spanish policy?

  2. another600 costly matter how much the Corrupt EU paid!,,

    most arrived with expensive cell phones!

    Spanish citizens will be the main loosers though..

  3. I will never visit Spain anymore as long as Spain keeps letting in those so called migrants from Africa who happens to be mostly young men. Evidently Spain has learned nothing of the shape that Italy is now in because of these so called migrants and I applaud Italy for turning them away. Spain needs to start doing the same if they want to remain the country that people love and visit on holiday. Spain can barely take care of its own citizens and the Unemployment Rate is at 39.20%. Now Spain’s citizens will have to take care of these so called migrants. SEND THEM BACK before Spain is ruined.


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