‘Aggressive’ passenger on Jet2 flight to Spain banned for life after forcing route diversion


A DISRUPTIVE passenger on a Jet2 flight to Spain has been handed a lifetime ban after forcing the plane to divert to France.

The man was travelling with a group that was “aggressive towards crew and fellow passengers” Jet2 said.

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According to reports the flight, bound for Ibiza, was forced to land at Toulouse-Blagnac Airport in France with police having to remove the unruly passenger.

A spokesperson for the airline said it was “very clear that consuming alcohol illicitly contributed to this behaviour.”

Managing director of Jet2 Phil Ward said “we will not under any circumstances tolerate this type of disgraceful behaviour on board our aircraft,” said Mr Ward.

“We will be taking further action in support of our crew to ensure [the passenger] is held accountable for his actions and indeed [he] has already received a lifetime ban from future Jet2 flights.”


  1. He should get a lifetime ban from all airlines. It would only take one or two of these for the word to get out and maybe just maybe there would be less trouble on all flights


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