WATCH: Brit holidaymakers puzzled by futuristic zebra crossing on the Costa del Sol

MAKING THEM CROSS: The revellers seem bewildered by the lights

A NEW ‘smart’ zebra crossing on the Costa del Sol has baffled British holidaymakers.

The surface includes LEDs which light up when hidden cameras detect pedestrians approaching.

But the crossing in Fuengirola has left unsuspecting revellers in the holiday hotspot baffled, after hilarious footage of partygoers trying to cross the road emerged online.


In one clip, four women are seen approaching the crossing, and stop dead in their tracks as it lights up before one moonwalks across it.

The quartet then retreat to the side of the road before apparently trying to work out how the futuristic device is triggered.


  1. More cause for traffic backups and confused drivers…everyone walking past not crossing will activate the lights…nightmare waste of tax payer’s money and more stress for drivers…


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