WATCH: ‘Narco King’ with €30 MILLION drug fortune arrested on the Costa del Sol

Policia Nacional
CAUGHT: Police arrested the 'Narco King'

POLICE have arrested an infamous drug lord, known as the ‘Narco King’, on the Costa del Sol after being on the run since 2016.

Antonio Tejon Carrasco, one of the Castaña brothers, “had to run from us more than once” according to National Police but they were “waiting for him to make a mistake.”

Carrasco and his family are believed to have amassed €30 million over the years through drug trafficking in the Campo de Gibraltar area.

According to reports the youngest brother stayed in the La Linea area despite being on the run from the police, hiding in one of several mansions owned by the family.

Residents of the La Linea area were believed to have aided hide the ‘Narco King’ as the family brought wealth to region.


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