Media blackout is what’s most worrying

TOMMY ROBINSON JAILING: ‘A disgraceful act of politically motivated injustice.’

I DON’T think the position of British politicians could have been demonstrated more clearly than their actions concerning two situations that arose in London recently. 

On one side of the city a man was being arrested outside the law courts (under some weak excuse of a past contempt charge), for talking on his telephone about a paedophile grooming case being heard inside; while in another part of the city, hooded Islamists, marching with megaphones and spouting anti British propaganda, were being given a police escort! 

The one glaringly obvious fact that emerges from these two occurrences is that something is clearly not right. The arrest of Tommy Robinson was a disgraceful act of politically motivated injustice. A decision that should send shivers up the spines of all decent people who believe in the free speech and the democratic society our forefathers fought and died for. 

When this man Tommy Robinson first appeared on the scene, I didn’t particularly like him, or the far-right policies he appeared to stand for. In those days it was relatively easy for the government and law enforcers to write him off as a fascist yobbo. 

But over the years things have changed. The man has now earned a far more acceptable cloak of respectability. He has appeared on a number of serious political discussions in the media. His views on rape gangs, sharia courts, no go areas and Islamic appeasement, that were at one time dismissed as ‘racist propaganda,’ are now coming to pass and a large and rapidly growing section of the British public are finally beginning to sit up and listen.  

In their usual ‘out of touch’ manner the authorities thought that it would all blow over if they simply locked him up and put him out of sight and out of mind. Well this time they have made what could turn out to be an extremely serious mistake. They reckoned without the social media. The gagging orders they arrogantly put on all events that could ‘cause embarrassment,’ (or worse), simply don’t work any more, and this latest was no exception. 

Despite their efforts to suppress information thousands of people turned out, not only in London, but in many major cities across the world; they actually stormed Downing Street! 

All of them calling for the release of this man and the injustice of his arrest. At the time of writing half a million people have signed a petition with the same message. It would take a brave or extremely stupid politician to label all these people knuckle dragging right wing bigots. The most worrying, and indeed insulting aspect of all, is the media blackout.

This is a blatant dictatorial attempt to suppress our most precious freedom of all. Our right to free speech. Millions of decent people are, at the moment, either worried or utterly peed off with it all. Heaven help our leaders if this worry turns to serious anger.  Let us hope no harm comes to Tommy Robinson in prison, particularly from an Islamic extremist. In this event, he could turn into the catalyst which triggers off the scenario this ol’ boy has also been warning of for the last 25 years.


Keep the faith. Love Leapy.

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  1. Thankyou Bryan. Leapy: Tommy Robinson is a serial offender. He has a rap sheet considerably longer than yours. Violent thuggish behaviour, fraud, contempt of court amongst others. He is a poster child for the people of his ilk and unfortunately is being raised to the status of martyr which, as history has shown, can lead to disastrous consequences.He is indeed, your opinion notwithstanding, a “knuckle dragger” leading the knuckle draggers. Is this really what you want? Be careful what you wish for.

  2. Most of the comments here are biased and without knowledge of the details of Tommy Robinson, what he has done, what he has said, reporting restrictions, the stage the case was in, what was already in the public domain about the case that the BBC had already published, and the fact he has 3 cases pending against the state and twitter, which might be thrown out if he is in prison, how convenient. Tommy Robinson is a brave man that has put his life on the line to raise concerns. What he was saying in 2004 and 2010 turned out to be correct. Get Enemy of the State his book and see what he says, he owns up to his mistakes, something you don’t see the state doing. Watch his videos on youtube, he has 2 channels, see what he says, see who he talks to, look at to both sides of the coin, and if you are not open minded enough to do that then the problem is not with Tommy but with you.

  3. Great article but I must ask, as someone who enjoys their free speech but likes to lend my opinions credibility with evidence. The lack of sources makes this distinctly worse than a buzzfeed article.

  4. Robinson is a well known racist agitator. Publishing Leapt Lee’s creepy support for this convicted criminal shows EWN up as a safe home for nasty bigots

  5. The ppl have there veiws but you can tell with the words there using they dont like ppl saying no to them. Bigot. Knuckle scraper. Fgs hes a bloke that like me doesnt like kids been raped and covered up .. i bet some of these are either police juges or councilors

  6. No , your’e wrong. This debate is over and the game is up, there is simply too much information out there now to know that his arrest was made to silence him and the growing evidence that top ranking officials in the police, government and the home office are involved in organised child raping and grooming. On top of that we can clearly see with our own eyes the distortion of truth from virtually all of the mainstream media

  7. Tommy may have been in contempt. However, there should have never been a gag order to be in contempt of IN THE FIRST PLACE. Did Rolf Harris/Cliff Richards/Max Clifford enjoy reporting restrictions??? NO. The Law either applies equally to ALL of us or not at all. Did their cases go into mistrial. Utter bullshit.

  8. Good article,at last. It S just a pity that people still portray Robinson as a yob after so much hard work on his part over many years. Never mind the mis reprsentation of his “criminal record” in the comments, I find it tragic that people assume that Robinson is the problem rather than the corruption and injustices that he seeks to expose. Don’t be so lazy and cliched and ask yourself why this man is being targeted directly from the home office. Have you not listened to what he is saying?

  9. Oh dear, oh very dear…WEAK contempt of court? TALKING on his phone?

    Firstly, you should understand (and maybe do some research) that the case in question was in THREE stages, he was reporting, yes reporting, on the case that was in its SECOND stage, despite there being a total reporting restriction on the case. He broke that restriction AGAIN, and subsequently, and correctly, jailed for Contempt of Court and breaking his SUSPENDED sentence restriction.

    I do wish people would research before opening mouth.

  10. Nothing to do with cover ups, free speech, etc. The gagging order was in place TO ENSURE THE RAPISTS COULD BE TRIED. His stunt could have lead to the trial collapsing. There was no blackout for Rolf Harris, etc. because there was only one accused. In this trial there are 29 – too many to try all at once. The media blackout is normal in large trials like this. Robinson exposed nothing – as soon as the trials have completed anyone can report what they like!

  11. The many responses to this item indicate the divisive nature of a man like Tommy Robinson. Even within the right wing of society there are divisions between his supporters and detractors. The current leader of UKIP, Gerard Batten, is a self-confessed admirer who has appointed Tommy Robinson as his special advisor, while on the other hand Nigel Farage has resigned from UKIP in protest at Robinson’s appointment. With the right wing split like this, what chance do more moderate people have of finding out the truth? I would urge EWN readers wishing to know more, to exercise caution. Far from there being a “media blackout”, there is an enormous amount of information out there. Erroneous reporting is widespread. Extreme bias is common. If using the internet, it is worth rejecting any source that you don’t consider trustworthy.


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