Brit gangster posts guide of how to flee UK through Spain online

CON THE RUN: Sam Walker fled more than 7,000 kilometres to Sierra Leone.

A BRITISH gangster who went on the run through Spain has taunted investigators by shooting a video guide showing how to flee the country.

Convicted drug dealer Sam Walker, 35, who has racked up more than 100 crimes, is wanted after skipping a court appearance for driving without a licence.

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His rap list includes jail terms for offences ranging from possession of counterfeit cash to threatening police officers, while he once hit the headlines over alleged threats to Chelsea footballer Ross Barkley.

He was previously a member of a mob selling heroin and crack cocaine in his native Liverpool.

And he has now reached Sierra Leone in West Africa after clocking up more than 7,000 kilometres on his epic escape from justice.

He posted a clip shortly after arriving to capital Freetown, where he claims to have met the country’s Vice President Mohammed Juldeh Jalloh, in which he said: “Better luck trying to catch me when I go out of the country next time, Merseyside Police.”

A police official later pointed out that he is in fact wanted by detectives in Cheshire.

The footage is titled ‘How to get out of UK when your [sic] wanted by police. Can’t use an airport coz they will nick you.’

It shows Walker flying to Belgium in a private plane before taking a ‘little 14-hour boat trip’ to Morocco, between which he is believed to have flown to Portugal and hitch-hiked through southern Spain.

He then embarks on a three-day drive across the Sahara Desert, Mauritania and Senegal before taking another boat to Freetown from Guinea.

Walker claims to be in Sierra Leone, where his grandfather was born, to help distribute charity donations sent from the UK.

He insisted: “I was in a Catch-22. I had to fulfil my promise to the people in the slums, knowing full well that when am caught I will get the maximum sentence of four months in jail plus two months for missing my court date.

“But to me the people were more important. The court date could wait. Sometimes in life you have to do the wrong thing in the eyes of the law in order to do the right thing.”

He also claims to have spent thousands on installing fresh water pipes in the city’s slums after seeing “men, women and children dying.”

He added: “I have not just woke up and changed overnight. I am still the same person and still do what I do.

“I know when I come back to the UK I will be arrested at the airport and put straight in jail.

“I can deal with that knowing that I have fulfilled my promise to the people in the slums by giving them a container full of toys, clothes and food and given them fresh, clean water so no man, woman or child ever has to risk their lives by drinking dirty sewage water again.”



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