SAVED APP A MOUNTAIN: Brit pensioner rescued after horror plunge

Guardia Civil/Junta de Castilla y Leon
AIR RESCUE: The 69-year-old hurt his ribs and foot

A BRITISH climber has been rescued after plummeting more than 10 metres down a Spanish mountain in pitch darkness.

The unnamed 69-year-old was found clinging to a tiny ledge with rib and foot injuries after using a mobile phone app to contact his family in the UK.

They immediately contacted the British Consulate who raised the alarm.

A Guardia Civil mountain rescue team was able to locate him in the Las Minas del Rabico area of the Picos de Europa mountain range in Castilla y Leon using the coordinates he provided.

Rescuers said he suffered the fall after getting lost during a solo trek when thick fog descended.

They used ropes and a ladder to pull him to safety before setting up a small rescue tent where he was able to recover strength and warmth with food and water.

At first light he was winched to a helicopter in a risky manoeuvre before being flown to the Panderrueda pass where an air ambulance was waiting to transfer him to hospital.

A Guardia Civil official said: “He was found at 2am, lying on a shelf in a very precarious position and with the real possibility of falling into the void below.

“The mountaineer, who was doing the route alone, became disoriented by the fog and took another route that goes up to the Torre del Llaz.

“He slipped and fell about ten metres down the sheer slopes and landed on the ledge.”


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