CREEPY CRAWLIES: Health board warns of cockroach plague in Spain this summer

PLAGUE WARNING: The Spanish health board predicts a mass exodus of cockroaches to urban areas

THE Spanish health board has warned that there is a “high risk” of a cockroach plague throughout the country this summer.

Rising temperatures paired with humidity due to heavy rainfalls over the spring are believed to be the trigger for the mass exodus of cockroaches towards urban areas.

The board has also warned that problems arising from this even could go “much further” than just hygiene. They could also contaminate food supplies and increase the risk of people contracting salmonella.

An American ‘super cockroach’ species has also been spotted in Spain, which according to reports arrived on board boats crossing the Atlantic.

The health board has recommended preventive measures including shutting off water and food supplies near suspected infestation areas, repairing cracks and crevices in homes and clearing potential nesting sites.

If residents discover any infested areas, they are advised to call pest control companies as their attempts to clear the area using domestic pesticides could “move the problem somewhere else” or “worsen” the situation.


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