Rajoy ousted as Spain’s Prime Minister following no confidence vote defeat

OUSTED: Mariano Rajoy is no longer Prime Minister

MARIANO RAJOY, the Spanish Prime Minister since 2011, has left office after lawmakers voted to pass a no confidence motion against him.

The Prime Minister was defeated in the left-leaning Partido Socialista (PSOE)-proposed vote which was backed by 180 members in the 350-seat Congress of Deputies.

Rajoy said: “It has been an honour to be president of the government and to leave Spain better than how I found it.”

More to follow.


  1. Justice has been done in the Gurtel corruption saga. There were no findings against Sr Rajoy or the PP, though if Sr Rajoy was entirely unaware of the pervasive corruption, he was certainly “asleep on his watch”.

    He is probably correct to tough it out and follow due constitutional process and not succumb to pressure to resign. This is his way, as demonstrated with the Catalonian anarchists in the former county of the Kingdom of Aragon.


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