GOING GREEN: Lidl to stop using plastic bags in Spain


SUPERMARKET chain Lidl is set to stop using single-use plastic bags in Spain by the end of this year.

The measures – already in place in the Balearics – pre-empt EU proposals banning the use of light single-use bags by 2020 throughout Europe.

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Managing Director Claus Grande said their new rules goes “much further” than the EU initiative as it will ban all single-use plastic bags and will instead use raffia – fibres from a type of palm tree and recycled plastic – and paper bags which are more environmentally friendly.

In a press conference the company said the new measures would stop the production of more than 100 million bags a year.

The new bags for life will cost 50 cents each, but Mr Grande said would result in a drop in sales of bags of around 30%.

“This reduction will result in the loss of €1.5 million a year” he added.


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