HATE CRIME: Pummelled to death for wearing the Spanish colours

HELPLESS: Victor Lainez could not defend himself

A man struck in the head for wearing Spanish flag-coloured trouser braces died of severe brain trauma, an autopsy confirmed.

Victor Lainez, from Zaragoza, had no way of defending himself from the brutal attack which caused his heart and lungs to shut down.

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Rodrigo Lanza, 55, was jailed for the politically-driven “hate crime” after setting on Lainez in a Zaragoza nightlife area late last year.  

The suspect is said to harbour extreme views against the Spanish state.

David Arranz, a witness, admitted in court to telling Lanza the victim was an extreme nationalist.

He reportedly regrets passing on the information because it sparked the confrontation which saw Lanza pounce on Lainez and pummel him several times, the court heard.

The punches were powerful enough to fracture the victims nose and cheekbones. The autopsy confirmed the fatal injuries were not caused by the impact when Lainez fell to the ground.


  1. Problem is, psychotics and criminally aggressive, who should be receiving treatment or institutionalised, a free to roam the streets until something like this occurs. Always locking the stable door after the horse has bolted.


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