BULL-YING: Outrage after festival-goers tug a sick bull by its tail

CRUEL: A demonstrator imitates an injured bull during a protest

FOOTAGE has captured festival-goers mistreating a bull as it appeared to suffer a seizure during a festival in Eastern Spain.

The half-a-tonne animal grazed its horns along the tarmac as it struggled to find its feet during the traditional “bou al carrer” bull run in Villa Real, Valencia.

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The bull was running along the designated path when it fell to its knees and ground to a halt.

After the crowd whistled at the animal, two men began tugging at its tail to try and get the creature to carry on running.

But it was clear the creature was no longer able to run.

The black bull was suffering from some sort of damage to its central nervous system, according to Jose Enrique Zaldívar, the president of AVATMA, an association of vets against bullfighting.

“Even those spectacles that don’t involve blood such as bous al carrer also bring intense suffering for the animals,” he added.

News comes as demonstrators gear up to protest cruelty to bulls later this month at Madrid’s Puerta del Sol square.



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