HAPPY GAS: Butane bottle price drop in Spain

PRICE DROP: The 12.5kg butane bottles will be 69 centimos cheaper from today

 THE price of the ubiquitous butane gas cylinders in Spain will be almost 5 per cent cheaper from today meaning a saving of around 69 centimos per bottle.

It comes as a surprise as the price of the raw materials has risen on the international markets although the euro-dollar exchange rate has improved and transport costs have fallen.

It’s the second month in a row that the nationally-set price has dropped and a 12.5kg bottle will now cost €13.27.


The cylinders are now €4.23 cheaper than five-years-ago when they reached their peak price.

The next price revision will be in two months.


  1. Not much of a surprise. It’s the start of summer and demand falls off.. As usual wait until October/November and watch the cost shoot up again !


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