Off-duty crack cops attacked with ‘baseball bat and broken bottles’

NATIONAL POLICE: Investigating the attack on members of the Guardia Civil’s Rapid Action Group

A MOB of around 40 people were involved in a massive fight after nine off-duty members of a crack police rapid response team were attacked as they left a restaurant.

Members of the Guardia Civil’s Rapid Action Group (GAR) left a restaurant in El Rinconcillo, Algeciras (Cadiz) at around 6.00 pm on Saturday and when they went to the car park, they were initially approached by a group of four people who blocked their way according to witnesses.

After the police identified themselves a massive fight involving around 40 people broke out and police say that the assailants were armed with stones, broken bottles and a baseball bat.


It is reported that one of the off-duty officers fired three shots in the air to try and disperse the attackers.

A number of the off-duty officers were treated at a medical centre for minor injuries and released soon afterwards.

National Police investigating the incident at the weekend say one of the alleged assailants has been arrested as investigations continue.


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