WATCH: Three-metre-long shark alert off Costa del Sol beach

Facebook / La Cepa Playa
SHARK ALERT: Close the shore in the Torreblanca area of Fuengirola

A SIGHTING of three-metre-long shark in shallow waters off a popular Costa del Sol beach caused bathers to leave the sea today.

The shark appeared close to the shore in the Torreblanca area of Fuengirola.

Guardia Civil officers are now searching for it.


The 112 Andalucia emergency services said another shark had been sighted off the Los Boliches beach.

Shark sightings are not uncommon – there are around 20 species in the Alboran Sea off the Costa del Sol.

Normally they only approach the shore when they are injured or ill.

Spanish beachgoers can be heard saying, “It seems dazed. They don’t normally come this close to the shore.”

There has never been an attack registered on the Costa del Sol.



  1. Not many people realise that the Great White breeding ground is in the Mediterranean. Luckily they don’t seem to feed during this part of their life cycle !

  2. Please get your facts right, you can see Fuengirola Port in the background so how is this Shark in Torreblanca? which is a long way a way


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