SPEED TRAP: Hefty fines for using radar detectors on Spain’s roads

BIG FINES: For using radar detectors or inhibitors in Spain

AHEAD of a busy summer on the roads traffic police in Spain have announced steep fines for anyone caught using radar detectors or inhibitors in their vehicles.

The Guardia Civil is reminding drivers that if a vehicle is stopped carrying a radar detector the driver will be slapped with an automatic €200 fine and get three points on their driving licence.

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And if a driver is found to be carrying a radar inhibitor they will face a hefty €6,000 fine and get six points on their licence.

The police have also announced that the margin of error for all their radar speed detectors is now a standard 5%, whether they are installed in patrol cars or roadside devices.


  1. Strange isn’t it. A device designed to warn you to stay [i]within[/i] the speed limit is deemed illegal. It shows the real reason for speed cameras – to make money

  2. I guess that means all satnavs are illegal as well since they incorporate speed detectors. Tourists and anyone else driving in Spain had better beware that even if they are within the speed limit they can still get fined for having a satnav device. As ‘PM’ states, it’s just another cash cow.


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