WANTED: Rightful owner of €2,000 cash sought in Spain

FINDERS KEEPERS?: If no-one claims it within two years

AN HONEST individual in Spain who found almost €2,000 in the street has handed it in to the police who are now looking for its owner.

And if the owner does not claim it within two years the finder will have the right to keep it. The man in Albacete, a shining example of honesty, took the money to National Police station in the city and now they are trying to trace the rightful owner.

Although they suspect that hundreds of people might claim that this is their money, ‘the owner will have to explain many details and prove that it is theirs,” said the Chief Commissioner of the National Police in Albacete, José Francisco Roldán.


And, according to the regional government in Castilla-La Mancha, if the owner of the money is not found within two years from the date it was delivered to the police station, the person who found it will have the right to receive it.



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