‘BLUE WHALE’ WARNING: 12-year-old boy found hanged

CHILLING CHALLENGE: Police say the death could be linked to the sinister ‘blue whale’ game

A 12-YEAR-OLD Moroccan boy who was found hanged at his Murcia home may have been the victim of a macabre online game, investigators have confirmed.

The news comes after detectives probing the case concluded that the boy was popular at school and not a victim of bullying.

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They now believe he could have become embroiled in the notorious ‘blue whale’ suicide game after several parents said that classmates at his school had mentioned it.

One mother told Spanish media: “Yesterday his friends were crying, and they said the blue whale game was to blame.”

The child – whose name has not been revealed for legal reasons – was found by members of his family at their duplex flat in the town of La Union after he failed to respond to calls for dinner.

Medics managed to resuscitate him three times but he later died at the Santa Lucia hospital in Cartagena.

A post mortem examination has been performed, and his family reportedly wish to take his body to Morocco once it is returned to them.

La Union mayor Pedro Lopez said that the entire community was “in shock” over the death.

The blue whale game has been linked to the deaths of hundreds of children as cases continue to be reported from around the world.

Players supposedly report to an administrator, who assigns a series of increasingly gruesome tasks over a period of 50 days, typically involving self-harm or watching horror videos at unusual hours.

Photographic or video evidence must be provided to the curator as each task is completed, with the sleep-deprived, psychologically-depressed player eventually encouraged to commit suicide to ‘win’ the game.

In Spain, incidents have been reported in Catalonia and the Basque Country, with the youngest victim allegedly just 12-years-old, although there have been no deaths reported.

Those responsible are said to be using advanced psychological profiling tools to target vulnerable children.

However, while police and schools in a number of countries, including Spain, have issued warnings to parents, cyber-bullying experts and fact-checking websites say that the existence of the blue whale game remains unproven.

Reports regarding the supposed arrest of the game’s creator all lead back to just a single link on a Russian website that was published months beforehand before inexplicably being picked up by the international tabloid press.


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