Outrage after death of ‘mistreated’ horse at massive April Fair in Spain

Twitter / @lemus_emilia
FERIA DE SEVILLA: The collapsed horse

AFTER the shocking death of a horse at the huge Feria de Sevilla, an animal rights organisation in Spain is demanding better treatment for the animals.

The horse collapsed in the midde of the celebrations on a warm and sunny day.

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The Ayadena protection defence group has shared a video on social media of a horse lying on the ground suffering breathing problems before it passed away.

Angry Emilia Garrido Lemus‏  took to Twitter to say, “This is what happens at the April fair in Seville. Horse exhausted from pulling carriages loaded with “people” falls to the ground. Hours and hours without rest or hydration. It is a shame and a shame, and there are still people who discuss it because it is money and that is above all.”

Local Police in the city have reported the owner for not treating the horse correctly amid claims it had not eaten all day.

And, on their Twitter account, Emergencias Sevilla advised, “Check that your horse is well before coming to # FeriaSevilla18.

“Yesterday a horse died in the Real de la Feria that became sick: It previously had enteritis (colic) and that day did not eat anything.

“The owner will be sued for the facts.”


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