WATCH: Cross of Jesus Christ smashes into red traffic light during Easter procession in Spain

SNAP: The cross of Jesus Christ smashes into the red traffic light

A HUGE Semana Santa (Easter week) procession in Spain was brought to an abrupt halt after a float of Jesus Christ carrying the cross hit a traffic light.

The crowds of thousands gasped in horror as the cross, borne by a statue of Jesus Christ, fractured into two pieces bringing the massive procession to stop in the centre of Madrid while hasty repairs were carried out.

Church leaders said the incident was unfortunate but the parade continued after a worker climbed onto the float and made a temporary repair using ropes.

The Hermandad de Jesús del Gran Poder y María Santísima de la Esperanza Macarena described the breaking of the cross as a ‘minor incident that has no significance, beyond the initial right, and stressed that nothing has happened to the statue’ that was sculpted in 1942 by José R. Fernández-Andes.

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