I really do lose the will to live

GRENFELL TOWER: More questions are now being asked about the tragedy.

GREAT contender for our, ‘You thought you’d heard it all’ trophy this week.

British police will now no longer attend any shoplifting episodes unless the ‘haul’ exceeds £200! Apparently, this new policy, which effectively decriminalises shoplifting, has been quietly introduced by ministers over the last few months. Well, we’re all in the wrong game, aren’t we? 

Personally, I see this as a great way to becoming an entrepreneur. We can become wholesale goods suppliers. All we need is a few trucks going around to various collection points and a staff of average ‘tea leaves.’ We then send them out to various stores, equipped with shopping bags and a calculator. When they have nicked £199 worth of goods, they simply leave the store and drop the stuff off at the pre-determined pick up points. Job done. 

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Actually, the opportunities are limitless. We could supply our own shops. We’ll call them ‘Lifted.’ I can see us on every street corner. Pound and charity shops will become a thing of the past. One day we could even be quoted on the stock exchange. Ok Leapy, simmer down. Got a bit carried away there. Also, not quite sure how we could prevent stores from nicking their stuff back! 

You really couldn’t make it up though could you? Oh, and by the way. Don’t rely on shop security staff to do the plod job. They can be prosecuted for laying a hand on you!  Sometimes I really do find myself losing the will to live.

I see yet another toe rag fraudster has been convicted of pretending to be a Grenfell tower victim.  This latest individual hailed from Zimbabwe and lived miles from the tower, yet still managed to con social workers into handing over £19,000 before being ‘sussed.’  With this in mind I decided to ask Google (yes, I do research occasionally!) just how many false claims had actually been made by these despicable fraudsters, who are already presumably enjoying the fruits of the UK’s utterly misguided luvvie approach to our immigrant population. 

What popped up to my request for more info was indeed something of a revelation. The Metropolitan Police Service have published a form under the freedom of information act. Far too lengthy to put in this blurb, it contains some 20 or so questions that have been put to the MPS since the tragedy. Talk about a waffle. 

‘Not in the interest’ seems to be a phrase that crops up a great deal. I suggest those who are interested take a look. Enter ‘Information about the fatalities during the Grenfell fire tragedy’ and up it all comes in pdf format. Some weeks ago, I also took quite a lot of disdainful stick when I revealed information given to a friend of mine from one of the firemen who was actually on the scene. This brave firefighter told my associate he had seen at least 40 bodies in one flat alone. 

I see rather more official questions are now being asked about this previous ‘Leapy Rant’ revelation. Remember you read it here first folks. Have a great week. Enjoy the onset of spring. And whatever ya do.

Always keep the faith.

Love Leapy. [email protected]



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