Spain tops tragic table for young Brits dying abroad according to UK website

SPAIN: Fun in the sun - but not for all

SPAIN had the highest number of young Brits dying abroad in 2017 of any country in the world, an investigation by a UK national newspaper’s website has claimed.

Thousands of young Brit holidaymakers flock to Spain’s Costas and the Balearic Islands to soak up the sun and sangria – but it can be a deadly mix according to the site’s findings.

The Sun Online investigation revealed forty-nine Brits under the age of 40 died in Spain in 2017 but the country drops well down the danger table once its much bigger visitor numbers – nearly 13 million annually – are taken into account.


With less than four young people dead per million Brits arriving in the country annually, the country actually seems to be one of the safer places to visit on holiday.

Other European countries record similar death rates, with Portugal, Turkey and Germany on roughly four out of a million and even fewer per capita dying in France and Italy.

Cambodia and Thailand actually head the table for the highest death rate per head of annual visitors.

young brit deaths on holiday

GRAPHIC: Sun Online


  1. What a poor article. It looked as though it was going to show a graph for the deaths per visitor numbers but it never happened. That statistic would have been much more meaningful than the sensational headline of Spain being the country with the highest death rate. Also, why was Thailand placed ahead of France in the chart when they were equal? I always understood that all things being equal, there was alphabetic preference!
    Please, in future, give us a decent report with meaningful statistics.
    Hope you are up to criticism and will publish this.


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