Police smash ‘hugging robbers’ gang who targeted the elderly on the Costa Blanca

Guardia Civil
Some of the recovered items

POLICE have arrested eight alleged members of a gang who would target the elderly along the Costa Blanca.

The group’s method would often involve women approaching elderly men and offering to perform sexual acts with them, then whilst hugging or kissing the victim they would steal any jewellery or watches they were wearing according to reports.

If the target realised what was happening, the women would turn violent, and forcibly remove their jewelry before fleeing to a getaway vehicle.

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Three victims had to be transferred to a hospital after breaking their bones during the scuffles.

Five men and three women, all between the ages of 18 to 40, have been held. It is believed they have been involved in up to 44 cases of theft and three violent robberies across Alicante Province. In total they are believed to have stolen €500,000 worth of items which they sold on.



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