RED ALERT: Another ‘weather bomb’ on way to Spain TODAY and TOMORROW

STORM HUGO: Bringing strong winds, rain, snow and high waves to Spain (File photograph)

SPAIN’S national Met Office is warning another explosive cyclogenesis (bomb cyclone), Storm Hugo, will affect more than 80 per cent of the country today (Friday) and tomorrow.

Aemet say the effect of Storm Hugo will put the majority of the mainland on alert for strong gusts of wind and the snow level will drop to 800 metres.

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The latest storm will, again, be felt most in the north of the country and hit Galicia during Friday afternoon before extending to the rest of the mainland during the evening and Saturday morning.

Generalised rain across the whole of the country is expected also reaching the Balearic Islands. The rain is not expected to be intense but persistent and several litres per square metre could accumulate.

Hugo will also bring strong or very strong gusts of wind and most of the mainland could experience gusts of up 90 kilometres per hour throughout Saturday. Galicia and Cantabria could see wind speeds of up to 120 kilometres per hour.

Temperatures will see a significant dip and precipitation could fall as snow at locations as low as 800 metres above sea level leaving up to 20 centimetres in the western and central Cantabrian mountain range.

Many parts of the coastline will also experience rough seas and high waves.

It is expected that during Saturday night the storm will subside considerably and, on Sunday, temperatures will start to rise again and both winds and precipitation will disappear.

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