SEX ON THE BEACH! Spanish website maps best places for an outdoor romp


WHILE public nudity is legal in Spain, having sex outside the confines of home tends to see randy exhibitionists slapped with a fine.

But a handy website is here to help, mapping thousands of recommended places for an al fresco romp.

In Spanish, a ‘picadero’ is a public spot where kinky couples head for a spot of open air how’s your father.


And the website (my picaderos) has racked up around 12,000 entries after encouraging people to rate and share their favourite sites for a frolic in the great outdoors.

Launched in 2009 by Spaniard Josean, 43, the site allows users to search by location, sexual orientation, privacy, ease of access and, for the voyeurs, how many other people might be around.

Designed for couples rather than doggers or exhibitionists, sites range from picturesque mountainsides to car parks, public toilets and sex party hotels.

And the site has become so popular it now offers guidance in countries including the UK, Portugal, France, Italy and Germany.

In an interview with VICE, Josean said:

“At first, it was just my friends who were suggesting spots and leaving reviews, but the website spread quickly, and soon I had lots of users submitting their favourite places. “I’m no longer shocked by the places people suggest. “I’ve learned that if a building has a bathroom or a changing room, someone has had sex in it.”


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