Netflix eyes up Costa Blanca ‘City of Light’ for new studio

STUDIO PLAN: The American media giant may have eyes on Spain.

AMERICAN film streaming giants Netflix are reportedly interested in opening studios in Alicante’s Ciudad de la Luz.

According to Spanish media, the film giants are planning a European studio and have pinpointed the ‘City of Light’ facilities as a potential venue.

Netflix, one of the largest film studios in the world, began producing its own content in 2013 and has produced almost 1,000 hours of its own content alone last year.

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It has also been reported that representatives of the company even visited the facilities a few months ago after speaking to the Valencian government.

The Ciudad de la Luz studios, which cost approximately €300 million, opened its doors in 2005 but have been closed since 2012. 

Despite this, it is believed that the complex still has daily maintenance costs of €1,000 solely for cleaning, electricity use and security.

It was shut down after a complaint from British studios Pinewood led the European Union to prevent the studios from being used by another film promoter for a 15-year period.

That was later reduced to five, which has now passed, and the local government are looking to giving the studios a new use.

Netflix are reportedly not the only company interested in the studios however, with a number of Arabic investment groups also reportedly keen on the opportunity; while the creation of a ‘digital district’ designed to promote smart cities, an ageing research centre and the relocation of a new regional television channel have also been mooted as potential opportunities.


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