‘Lone wolf’ jihadist arrested by police in Spain


POLICE in Spain have arrested an alleged jihadist who it was feared could carry out a ‘lone wolf’ attack.

According to police the 27-year-old Spanish man, detained in San Martin de Unx (Navarra), was a convert to Islam and had gone through a self-radicalisation process via the Internet.

He was found to have used social networks, chat and instant messaging applications used by terrorist organisations.

His detention came as it was feared he could move to areas of conflict with the intention of joining the ranks of a jihadist terrorist organisation or could perform some action as a solo player in Spain.

Since the Ministry of the Interior raised the level of National Anti Terrorist Alert to 4 in June 2015 the security forces have arrested 229 alleged jihadist terrorists in operations carried out in Spain and abroad.

The Ministry of the Interior reminds the public that, through the STOP RADICALISMOS initiative, there are several methods to report suspicious individuals – through the website www.stop-radicalismos.es, the mobile app Alertcops and the freephone telephone number 900 822 066.

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