SKY HIGH: Easter holiday flights to Spain up to 42% more expensive than last year

NOT FARE: Easter weekend flights this year are much more expensive

EASTER flights from the UK to Spain’s holiday hotspots of the Costa del Sol and the Costa Blanca have soared in price compared to 2017.

Research by travel search engine Kayak has shown that the average return flight price over the Easter weekend to Malaga airport on the Costa del Sol is £170 – a whopping 40 per cent increase on the 2017 price of £121.

And the Costa Blanca fares worse.

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This year an Easter weekend return flight to Alicante is £169 – a massive 42 per cent increase on the £119 the previous year.

Barcelona, meanwhile, has seen a more modest 14 per cent increase from £130 to £148 this year.

Travel expert Neil Cartwright, at Kayak, said, “We have noticed a trend in recent years for many Brits to go on more, shorter holidays throughout the year rather than one long summer holiday.

“Our data shows that for many British travellers, Easter is now a key time for fitting in one of these shorter holidays.”


  1. Add to that the fact that Monarch are out of the picture plus the appalling exchange rate of the pound against the euro, then I’m afraid it is only going to get even more expensive !


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