BOLIVIAN BOTHER: Woman arrested for sexual harassment on Costa Blanca


A BOLIVIAN woman has been arrested on suspicion of sexual harassment in Costa Blanca.

According to reports, San Andres police received a complaint from a man after being forced to block the number of a 28-year-old woman after receiving a siege of calls and messages from her. 

The victim claimed that an acquaintance of his would bombard him with texts and calls, leading him to block her number, and after she realised that she could no longer contact him, she sought other ways to reach him.

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She would allegedly besiege him at both work and leisure areas, but would also aggressively warn him that if he was not going to be in a relationship with her then she would make life very difficult for him

In a final bizarre incident, the woman allegedly even pretended to be a postal worker so that she could enter the house and when she managed to gain access, she began to undress in front of the man.

Following a police investigation, the woman was arrested on suspicion of harassment.



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