‘Incompetent’ coke smuggler jailed for third time after release from Spanish prison

National Crime Agency
DRUGS SHAME: Vincent Dolan.

A BUNGLING cocaine trafficker who has previously been jailed in Spain is behind bars for the third time.

Vincent Dolan, 42, was sentenced to six years in a Spanish prison in 2006 and must now serve more than five years in his native Scotland.

His lawyer Ronnie Renucci said: “It may seem he is an international master criminal, but that is far from the truth.

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“Incompetent is the one word I would use. Every time he appears to do something, he gets caught.”

His latest arrest came after investigators learned of a plan to soak packs of cardboard with drugs and have them delivered to his home in Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire.

Two of the packages were intercepted by Border Force agents, who alerted the National Crime Agency.

One of the parcels was replaced by a fake and brought to Dolan’s address by a police officer posing as a Parcelforce delivery driver.

He answered the door himself and was later held while leaving the property with the package in a rucksack which also contained cocaine worth €33,600.

And has now been sentenced to five years and three months behind bars after pleading guilty to cocaine trafficking.

The court heard that he had also spent three years in an Italian jail after being convicted of drug offences in 2013.

According to his lawyer, he owed money to criminals in Scotland after returning from his stretch in Spain.

Mr Renucci said: “He was trying to pay it back and took the easy option.

“He got in touch with a contact abroad.

“This was someone he had shared a cell with while in Italy.”


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