Bar in Spain faces social media backlash over ‘unruly kids’ policy

BAR BAN: Crying over their drinks?

A BAR in Spain has caused controversy with its no ‘unruly children’ rule.

The sign read “if the child cries, screams or makes noises that annoy other customers, the parents will have to take them outside until they stop doing so,” re-igniting the debate as to whether bars and restaurants should be allowed to ban children.

Other rules imposed by the cocktail bar in Salamanca included “no running or playing in the premises,” “children must be with their parents at all times” and “no toys except phones and consoles.”

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The venue quickly began to receive backlash on social media, with parents criticising the bar for putting up ‘unnecessary’ rules and treating children as “second class citizens.”

Others have however defended the rules, with some saying “it’s your business, run it as you please!” and some even threatening “never to come back if you take the sign down.

In a post on Facebook, the bar in question said “in an attempt to regulate coexistence, we wrote up those rules, but after seeing your comments we have realised that we were wrong.”

“We apologise to anyone we may have offended.”

The bar has since taken the sign down.

This decision has also caused some backlash, with some saying “so back to putting up with screams. The parents who can’t teach their children manners win again.”

“Why have you apologised? Children shouldn’t be in a cocktail bar to begin with, and even less so if they are going crazy,” others have said.

A shop in Murcia faced similar backlash when it put up a sign banning children and dogs in 2007, and two bars in Bilbao also maintained their no children policy despite outrage.


  1. I make them right. There´s too many parents who let their kids run around like hooligans. Nobody wants to experience that when they are out for a drink or a meal. They´re doing us all a favour so they should have left the sign where it was and not apologised. The parents should pay more attention to the kids and less to sitting there getting pissed while other people suffer the bad behaviour. I never had any problem with my son in restaurants you just need to teach them how to behave from the get go

  2. I fully agree with the bar. I like to visit my local in the UK at the end of the working week and find the place over run by young children, even sitting up at the bar. I thought spain had better control over kids in bars but maybe not. Will see on my next return trip in 2 week’s.

  3. Put the sign back up! For years, my husband and I have cursed unruly kids in bars, especially if one is trying to enjoy a meal. Back in the UK, we had once complained of a couple’s two children running along a bench seat, pushing past behind us while we tried to enjoy a meal. The owner said, “They are regulars and you’re not; so, if you’re not happy you can always leave!” We did, leaving our meal and drinks where they were while he declared that we hadn’t paid! We kept on walking.

  4. Same problem, but worse goes on flights where one can’t just leave with unbearable screaming infants…in many cases for the entire flight…


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