Spain receives almost 31,500 international protection requests in 2017

REQUESTS: Spain has resolved around 40 per cent of foreign protection requests dating from 2017

THE Spanish government received around 31,500 requests from foreigners for international protection, with 40 per cent of these resolved, according to data.

The figures come as a response to a question from the Partido Socialista (PSOE) in the Spanish Parliament. They stated that the government received 31,434 applications by December 28, 2017, of which 12,281 were resolved.

The PSOE had asked the government about relocations that it had carried out. Spain intended to relocate some 2,500 people: 1,875 from Greece and 625 from Italy. All these cases were in progress, according to reports.

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The government said it was working and will continue to work towards the implementation of its commitments to those seeking protection, according to its response to those posing the question.

The request for data was made by Nacho Sanchez Amor, a PSOE foreign affairs spokesperson and an interior affairs spokesperson David Serrada.

Spain’s government is required to help resettle refugees who have arrived in Italy and Greece from Africa and the Middle East.

The country has informed the European Union, who set out the requirements, that 1,360 refugees have arrived in the country and that there were plans to resettle around 1,449.

The government has said it still intends to take some 50,000 refugees during 2018 and 2019. It added that a National Resettlement Programme would be approved that would take into account the needs of refugees.


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