Another terrible killing

Protests in Florida

LET’S start with good news. Last week I had a run in with Ryanair live chat.

Basically they were not interested in my problem. Anyway the next day I found an email address and within two hours they had replied and refunded my money. So well done Ryanair for that – all you have to do now is teach your live chat people to act the same way.

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There has been yet another terrible killing spree in an American school. Seventeen people were mowed down by a lunatic with an AR-15. Trump’s answer to this? Make buying these killing machines harder than getting a drink if you are 18? Consider banning them completely? 

No, his answer is to arm teachers. The man is a complete raving lunatic and so is anyone who thinks that is a good idea. They are teachers! The clue to what their duties are when they turn up for work is in the name – they TEACH! There was an armed guard at the school in Florida. He did not do anything for whatever reason. Why not arm all the kids over 18? It’s all just nonsense and all Trump does, by fumbling through meetings, is show himself up as a bumbling fool who has zero empathy for these poor kids and families involved. He talks about the FBI doing nothing and says if they spent less time investigating him they might have stopped the shooter.  

All the NRA disciples are spewing out their BS and every time I see them on TV their argument is being destroyed, not by politicians, but by the kids that are being involved in these massacres.  

That’s the major difference with this terrible incident from the others. This time the young people involved are speaking out. I’ve seen them on TV and they are calm, eloquent and sincere.  

They have no commercial interest – they are just talking from the heart and using their brains. They will not be deterred and it’s disgusting to see and hear how some NRA nuts and politicians that are on their payroll are trying to discredit these youngsters.  

These are the voters of the future. They can make change happen and, in my opinion, they will do it. Major companies in the USA are at last realising that offering their members NRA discounts is not in their best interests any more and they are stopping them. The NRA answer is to tell their members to boycott these companies.  

It has been proven time and time again that countries with strict gun controls have less people killed with guns than countries that don’t. I wonder why? 

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