Jet2 flight from UK to Costa del Sol makes emergency landing after ‘tail strike’

Twitter / @airlivenet and Shutterstock
BURNING FUEL: Plane circled for two hours before landing safely back at Manchester

A JET2 flight from Manchester to Malaga’s Costa del Sol airport has landed safely back in the UK after declaring an emergency.

Flight LS809 circled for almost two hours, burning fuel, before returning to Manchester and landing safely.

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Some reports have suggested the Boeing 737-800 aircraft suffered a tail strike on takeoff from Manchester Airport.

Another Jet2 flight, LS517 to Tenerife recently diverted to Manchester due to a possible tail strike on departure from Newcastle.

Aviation enthusiast Adam Tinning told the Euro Weekly News that he believed it was the same aircraft involved in both incidents.

There are also reports, that it was actually a bird strike on LS809.


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