Elderly woman ‘restrained in bed’ dies in fire at old folks home in Spain

BLAZE: Firefighters tackled the flames in the woman's room (File photograph)

AN 88-year-old woman has died in a residence for old folk in Spain after being ‘trapped’ in her bed as fire engulfed her room.

The home says the woman was ‘immobilised in bed with a special support’ for her own safety.

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Firefighters were called to tackle the blaze that was confined to the woman’s room at the Los Almendros residence in Cartagena In Murcia, southern Spain, but could not save her life.

Paramedics attended to several cases of smoke inhalation at the scene.

Police are investigating but have not yet determined what started the fire.

The Los Almendros centre opened in 2000. More than 70 people live in its residential area, and there are 40 people in sheltered apartments for the elderly.


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