With or Without You, U2 will play in Madrid for the first time in 13 years

U2 Start flickr
U2 may be wealthy but the bulk of rip off ticket prices go to organised ‘wide boys’

TICKETS for the first U2 concert in 13 years went on sale at prices ranging from €60 to €70 but after selling out in minutes, appeared on the internet for up to €952.

All of the tickets were offered for sale on the Ticketmaster web site – one of Europe’s oldest and most well-respected internet booking sites – but the fact that they sold out so quickly and were then immediately offered again through other sites suggested that some very clever programmes had been put in place in order to obtain the lion’s share of tickets.

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Whilst ‘scalping’ (the charging of exorbitant prices) in person is covered by Spanish law, no party up until now had taken the trouble to extend the law to cover the internet.

With fans and the band themselves fuming at this potential massive rip off, the Spanish Education, Culture and Sports minister, Íñigo Méndez de Vigo has announced that there will be an enquiry into what has happened and he plans to encourage the autonomous regions to introduce legislation to outlaw this type of activity in the future.


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