Motor homes plague Costa Blanca beaches

Alex Tihonovs Shutterstock
Illegally parked motor homes could become a permanent problem.

THE good winter weather attracts a hardy breed of modern day travellers to Spain who seem quite happy to live their lives in fairly small motor homes.

They descend on the coast from all parts of Europe and have taken over from caravans as the most popular form of mobile housing for many.

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For motorists there is certainly less to irritate than a slow moving and often wobbling caravan being pulled behind an old and underpowered vehicle but for local residents in some areas they become something of a nuisance parking where they feel and not always observing accepted standards of hygiene.

Large car parks, especially those on underused fair grounds are popular camping grounds and the sheer volume of parked motor homes seems to outweigh local council and police ability to move them on.

Some owners come to deals with poorly supported local football teams to pay to park in their car parks whilst others quite properly turn up at approved sites but there are a large number who see an accessible space, especially if it is near to the sea and just plonk themselves down and wait to be moved on.

One political group in Torrevieja has already raised the problem of ‘rogue’ motor homes and submitted a detailed report to the local council showing not only the number of illegally parked vehicles but also their whereabouts.

They fear that if nothing is done during what should be the quiet period, things will get much worse come the summer.


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