WATCH: Wild bear ‘chase’ driver in Spain faces €200,000 fine

WILD BEAR: Hurtling down the middle of a road in Spain at 60 km/h

A MAN who filmed a wild bear running down the middle of a road at speeds of up to 60km/h  in Spain from his vehicle is facing a €200,000 fine.

When Javier del Valle left work yesterday he was driving in the dark when he came across a bear standing in the middle of the road between San Pedro de los Burros and Villanueva in the Asturias.

As he approached the bear took flight down the road Del Valle pulled his phone from his pocket and filmed it from his vehicle reaching an estimated speed of 60 km/h before disappearing off the roadside.

However, today La Fundación Oso Pardo (The Brown Bear Foundation) has denounced Del Valle to Guardia Civil and he could now face a €200,000 fine for pursuing and recording the bear and ‘a crime against traffic safety and against the natural heritage.’


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