How to keep seeing Euro Weekly news on your Facebook feed

Stay up to date with the Euro Weekly News

FACEBOOK is constantly working to improve its algorithm to show users what they want to see on their news feed.

The latest changes aim to prioritise your friends posts over groups and pages that you follow.

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However if, like many, you follow news pages on Facebook to stay updated there is a way to keep seeing posts.

To stay up to date on the latest news in Spain visit our Facebook page and click on ‘like’ and follow as demonstrated below.


When you click on follow you will be taken through to further options. On your phone or tablet select see first to keep up to date with out latest post as shown below. 


On your laptop or PC when you click on follow you will be given the same options which will look as shown below.


Don’t worry. You won’t be bombarded with posts or notifications, as we appreciate that people do use Facebook for more than just news updates. 


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