‘Drunk’ mother arrested with ‘frozen’ baby in sub-zero temperatures in Spain

FROZEN BABY: The Municipal Police of Madrid

POLICE in Spain have arrested a woman for allegedly being drunk in the street and carrying a baby ‘on the verge of hypothermia’ in temperatures of -2 Celsius in the early hours of the morning.

Police said the baby was totally soaked and without warm clothes or a coat when they stopped the woman in the Usera neighbourhood of Madrid.

Health workers confirmed the baby was on the verge of hypothermia.


When the police contacted the father, they discovered the pair were separating and that another child could possibly be home alone.

There they found a young girl sleeping and with the house windows open.

The girl confirmed that she had been alone since she left school in the afternoon and that the only thing she had eaten was a sandwich.

Police took the little girl to her grandparents’ house to take care of her.

The father told the police of his intention to denounce the mother of the two children for ‘abandonment of minors’.


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