Brave German shepherd saves owners in Costa Blanca


A FEARLESS dog saved its owners lives after a fire broke out at their Costa Blanca home.    

Tania, 22, who owns Lola, an eight-year-old German shepherd, told Spanish media: “Lola started scratching at the bedroom door. She woke me up and when I went to open the door, I saw that the room was full of black smoke.

“She saved us, for sure. If Lola hadn’t warned us, the fire would have been much worse,” she said.

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Tania lives in a flat on Avenida Mediterraneo in Javea – above the Masia de la Sal restaurant which her family runs – with her 27-year-old partner.

The fire reportedly started in the living room, where Lola sleeps, when the TV caught alight.

The couple called the emergency services immediately, who swiftly arrived and put out the flames. 

Although the walls of the flat were blackened by the smoke, the fire was relatively small and caused minimal damage, which Tania said was all thanks to Lola warning them about the blaze straight away.

“She scratches the door on other nights because she wants to come inside. I usually open it and let her come in. Thankfully she did the same thing that morning,” she revealed.

Tania’s family adopted Lola when she was a puppy and had been the only one left from the litter that hadn’t found a home.  



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