FOUND: Police find ‘wanted’ stolen truck near Barcelona

Twitter / @mossos
FOUND: The truck stolen from near Barcelona

POLICE  have located the white, Volvo truck that had been reported stolen near the city prompting them to issue an alert for public vigilance during carnival week.

When the Mossos d’Esquadra first tweeted about the theft of a truck at 1pm they specifically said, ‘There is no indication that it was stolen for terrorist purposes.’

The truck, stolen from Castellbisbal, was found at around 3pm this afternoon by Local Police on an industrial estate near Sant Andreu de la Barca and police confirmed it in a tweet.


However, that hasn’t stopped some English news outlets causing unnecessary alarm by publishing stories, several hours after the truck was found, claiming, “Police in Spain fear imminent terror incident after truck similar to Berlin attack stolen”.


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