Thousands of police protest over wages in Spain

Some of the protestors

THOUSANDS of National Police and Guardia Civil officers have turned up to a protest over police pay in Spain.

The march, which took place in Sevilla, saw off-duty officers from Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante, Murcia and more demanding that Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy keep his promise to invest €1.5 billion into increasing wages over a three-year period.

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According to a spokesperson it appears that “Zoido – the Interior Minister – and Hacienda” have “not reached an agreement” over how much money should be invested.

“Or maybe they don’t want to,” he added.

The spokesperson claims the government is now “only offering €600 million.”

“It is an insult and shows a lack of respect,” he said, adding the government “must make the final move.”

According to the group working towards better pay , Jusapol, there is “at least” an average of €600 difference between the Local and National Police, Guardia Civil, Mossos D’Esquadra, Ertzaintza and the Policía Foral de Navarra.




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