Thousands of police protest over wages in Spain

Some of the protestors

THOUSANDS of National Police and Guardia Civil officers have turned up to a protest over police pay in Spain.

The march, which took place in Sevilla, saw off-duty officers from Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante, Murcia and more demanding that Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy keep his promise to invest €1.5 billion into increasing wages over a three-year period.

According to a spokesperson it appears that “Zoido – the Interior Minister – and Hacienda” have “not reached an agreement” over how much money should be invested.

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“Or maybe they don’t want to,” he added.

The spokesperson claims the government is now “only offering €600 million.”

“It is an insult and shows a lack of respect,” he said, adding the government “must make the final move.”

According to the group working towards better pay , Jusapol, there is “at least” an average of €600 difference between the Local and National Police, Guardia Civil, Mossos D’Esquadra, Ertzaintza and the Policía Foral de Navarra.



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