Police make arrests in huge bank card cloning scam

Policia Nacional
SKIMMING: Some of the seized equipment

NATIONAL POLICE in Spain have arrested two people for allegedly installing bank card cloning equipment on cash machines and stealing details to make fraudulent withdrawals.

It is claimed the criminals tried to withdraw more than 300,000 euros with the information they collected.

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Police believe the pair installed cloning devices on 23 cash machines and tried to make almost 2,600 fraudulent withdrawals.

It is alleged they installed electronic devices on cash machines that consisted of a ‘reading mouth’ that recorded information from the cards magnetic strip and a micro camera to record the PIN number punched into the machine.

Later the information was downloaded to blank cards with which they made cash withdrawals in banks in Spain, the US, Peru and Honduras.

However, the work of the National Police and the banking security systems frustrated more than 80% of cash withdrawals.

The two Bulgarians were arrested in Madrid and Toledo along with bank cards and ‘skimming’ equipment including magnetic strip readers and recorders and computer equipment.


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