Lush genes! Welsh and Spanish folk related, with Yorkshire ‘most British’


YORKSHIRE is the most ‘British’ county in the UK, while Welsh people have the deepest Spanish roots, according to new genetic data.

Family history website AncestryDNA analysed DNA taken from saliva tests across the UK.

And the results show that a typical Briton has 23 per cent Irish and 37 per cent continental European DNA.

Only an average of 36 per cent of DNA is derived from the Anglo-Saxons, rising to 40 per cent in Yorkshire.

And while Londoners have the most continental European DNA and Scots have a greater Finnish and northwest Russian ancestry, Welsh people are most closely-related to the Spanish and Portugese.

AncestryDNA spokesman Russell James said: “Our DNA service has enabled millions of people worldwide to find out more about their ancestral heritage.

“For many in Britain it has confirmed our strong cultural and genetic connections with other European countries. We believe our shared Europeanness is something we can all celebrate, regardless of how we voted in the Brexit referendum.”


  1. It has been known for over 15 years that Spain and England/Wales share a DNA link, especially the Basques.

    It is also interesting to note, that later community links for the last couple of thousand years have linked Wales, Cornwall and Brittany, having a mixed or common ancestry, evident by the national anthems from all three being almost identical except for some language development differences.


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