Call for inquiry into Madrid flight disaster in which 154 people died

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SPANAIR: The airline is no longer operational

A CAMPAIGN to start an investigation into an air disaster in Spain ten years ago is gathering pace. 

Over 6,000 people have signed a petition for a full investigation into Spanair flight JK5022, which crashed during takeoff in 2008, killing 154 people. 

Spanish authorities are yet to open an inquiry into the disaster, which is one of the worst in Spanish aviation history. 

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Eighteen people survived the crash at Barajas Airport, in Madrid. 

The pilot reportedly failed to deploy flaps and slats during a second take-off attempt, meaning the plane did not stay airborne. 

However, campaigners are now calling for a commission to thoroughly investigate the causes of the accident, find out who was responsible and learn lessons for future accidents. 

On the petition page, campaigners write: “Almost ten years later, the Congress of Deputies has not yet opened a Commission of Inquiry to clarify the causes of the accident, debug responsibilities, extract knowledge for the safety and prevention of air accidents and repair the victims and their relatives with the truth. Justice.”

In August it will be a decade since the crash happened. 

So far 6,029 people had signed the petition


  1. The accident was investigated by the Civil Aviation Accident and Incident Investigation Commission (CIAIAC) and published its final report on 26 July 2911. Representatives from the US National Transportation Safety Board, the aircraft manufacturer Boeing (as successor to McDonnell Douglas, the original aircraft manufacturer), and the engine manufacturer Pratt and Whitney supported the investigation. Those calling for an enquirey should read it


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