How many pockets have been lined?

BAD BUSINESS?: The new American embassy and (inset) Donald Trump.

TO my mind, in theory, apart from his actual adjective use, last week’s statements of Donald Trump were absolutely correct. I reiterate a previous example of mine. 

If I manage to build a mansion in a town of cardboard houses, I don’t invite all those that dwell in them up to my mansion. That would be tantamount to madness. What you in fact do, is try everything possible to assist those not so fortunate in building their own mansions. 

Why should successful, functioning civilised societies be expected to take in large influxes of people from highly dysfunctional areas which are usually chaotic, often run by violent and uneducated despots and generally complete failures in democratic and economic affairs? 

There is nothing racist about it. It’s sheer common sense. In general, large numbers of immigrants from these places do nothing positive for the recipient country, they simply begin to demolish the mansion. 

“Why can’t we take in immigrants from places like Norway?” asked Mr Trump. Once again there is nothing racist in this remark. He simply means that it is more beneficial and constructive for a country to import people from successful modern communities. Nothing wrong with that. The problem is that most people from these countries are quite happy where they are, so not much joy there. Unfortunately Trump shouldn’t have cited poor beleaguered Haiti, but then he often opens his mouth before he puts his brain in gear.

And so, to the American Embassy furore. Once again Mr Trump is absolutely right. Despite the righteous indignation of Battersea’s local council and the reversed racism of Mayor Khan, the site of the new American embassy is not in the same prestigious area as its predecessor. A Grosvenor Square property in the middle of London’s Mayfair is far more desirable and worth a great deal more bucks than a similar construction south of the Thames. 

Whether the new Embassy building is safer or more easily accessible is a different matter altogether; from a business point of view the deal has been a bad one. Lord only knows how many pockets have been lined, or palms greased in the whole ‘hand rubbing’ billion dollar operation. 

Trump is above all a business man and whatever one thinks of him, he is CEO of one of the world’s largest corporations. Keeping his eye on the finances and business dealings of his ‘firm’ is both necessary, intelligent and indeed his duty. One thing that has certainly emerged from Trump’s statement is that it has given thousands of ‘talking heads’ the opportunity to state quite categorically and publicly, what many of them have been babbling for years! – I know, I know; me too. Ah well.


Keep the faith

Love Leapy  leapy [email protected]

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  1. Philip, Jonathan and my old mate Brian, thanks for those comments. I haven’t added my own because yours say it all perfectly (only to add that I’ve been to a few ‘sxxthole’ countries and the people are much nicer, harder-working and resourceful than Trump, who’s lost more money in ‘business’ than he’s earnt). Keep it up, guys. And kudos to Mike Senker and my Norsk ancestors!

  2. There was a time a year or so ago when I used to enjoy reading the EWD. Especially Leapy’s Page and especially the lively comments. In the meantime something drastic has happened to deter me from my enjoyment.
    Your pages are taking an incredibly long time to load. I have a super slick iMac that loads other newspapers like lightening. I also have a Microsoft PC and an iBook . All of which cannot be wrong.
    Sincerely Marilyn

  3. Thank you for your comment Marilyn. We’ve become a victim of our own success with our number of page views more than doubling in a year. We are migrating our sites to new, faster, high specification web servers so you should start noticing some major speed and other improvements soon.

  4. EWN, be careful about where you chose to migrate, some places don’t like immigrants!
    That’s especially ironic for the USA given that everyone there, except for the Native American tribes, is, or is quite recently descended from, an immigrant!

  5. The difference between sensible print and dross was highlighted in last week’s Euro Weekly. In the sensible corner we had Mike Senker highlighting Donald Trump’s total lack of diplomacy, his racism and his tweet endorsements from that bastion of peace the KKK. Then in the opposite corner we had good old Leapy, bleating on as if Trump was some sort of latter day saint. Mr Lee, get your facts right! Mr Obama was not responsible for the embassy move. I sometimes worry, Leapy, about your feelings towards Trump. It’s plain to see what sort of President he is. Why don’t you read Mike Senker’s column first? Nail and head come to mind! 😀

    Kind regards,

    Philip, San Fulgencio

  6. Philip. Thank you for your comment. I wholeheartedly agree. The reported response from Norwegians to Trump’s comment was absolutely perfect. “Why would we want to move to your S***hole country?” Says it all really. Leapy’s remarks come as no surprise unfortunately. But then he appears to support the likes of Trump and Farage doesn’t he? Yikes!

  7. Brian. And thanks to you also. Speaking out to this kind of B.S. is sometimes a lonely and unpleasant task, but needs to be done. In my humble opinion. Trump and Leapy’s attacks on Sxxt hole countries conveniently ignore the fact that they were (if true) turned into such places as a direct result of colonial and post colonial greed and criminality by successive Western democracies(sic). Effluvia tends to travel from the top down where the bulk of humanity is forced to live in it. Old Etonian leaders being only one example. Have a nice day. Cheers to you.

  8. Yes indeed Jonathan. Leapy is a man whose opinions are somewhere to the right of Jacob Rees-Mogg and Atilla the Hun. His grossly simplistic mansion v. cardboard box scenario shows no compassion for innocent children living in famine and war created by our own politicians’ greed. His over-inflated ego and constant bragging of ‘I told you so’ only stifles our desire for a better, fairer society. He is out of touch with young, forward-thinking people and merely yearns for mythical ‘good old days’ which were actually full of wars, poverty, industrial strife against fat-cats and rampant sexual inequality. It’s time he quit.


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