It’s official… Spain is top of the hots


SPAIN has seen its highest annual temperature since records started to be kept in 1965.

In 2017, the average temperature was 16.2º, a full 1.1º above the previous average.

In addition, it has also seen the second driest year in the same time period according to State Meteorological office AEMET.

So far the 21st century has seen record highs for average temperature in seven years, with most those falling in the current decade.

According to the agency, Granada Airport was the hottest spot in Spain in 2017 when it recorded a historic high of 45.7ºC on July 12, breaking its previous record of 43º set as long ago as 1972.

AEMET now accepts that Climate Change appears to be noticeable.


Average temperatures in Spain since 1965 ©Aemet


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