WARNING: Phone scam charges €90 just for answering call

WARNING: Don't answer calls from foreign numbers you don't know

PHONE users have been duped by a phone scam which charges €90 as soon as they answer the call.

The victims said foreign numbers starting with +234, +252 or +673 –  the country codes for Nigeria, Somalia and Brunai – would call and before they realised they had been charged for answering.

An expatriate who did not wish to be named got in touch with Euro Weekly News to alert us to the situation

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“I wasn’t looking at the number when it called so I hit answer, before I noticed where it came from,” they said. “I quickly hung up the phone but it was too late, I’d already been charged.”

Users have been warned not to answers calls from foreign numbers they do not recognise, as similar scams have previously hit Spain.


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